Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My husband and I made a bet last night. We were trying to guess how low my hCG would be after today's b/w...and decided to make a game out of it. DH predicted 47. I dared to say 58. DH won the bet. My results were 45. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that he was right! Going by the track record, I was convinced that I'd be damn lucky if it reached 58 or below compared to last week's results of 105. Well, although I am sad that I don't get my choice of something from Etsy.com, it's fine by me that DH can pick an album from DustyGroove.com. As it happens, we're both vinyl-o-philes. LOL!

In case you're wondering, it's mortgage week and we curb any frivolous spending during that time. Today, we make an exception!

So, now I can rest assured that the hCG will completely dissipate in a timely fashion. I'm not required to go for more b/w until 4/28. By then, it should be down to 0, and Que Sera, Sarah can relax and enjoy the summer without having to worry about her empty womb.

*deep sigh of relief*


  1. It's one of those weird things to say, but thank goodness it's finally dropping the way it should! I've been there, though nowhere near as horrible an experience as you have had. So glad things are getting back to normal!

  2. Relieved for you, too.

    Btw, you always find the coolest pics for your posts!

  3. It's about freaking time!!!!!

    And yeah, as strange as it is to say this...

    "horray for almost 0 beta!!!!!!!!"


  4. I am so glad that you are getting closer to ZERO. I still can't believe what you have been through. ((HUGS))