Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spotting! And Not Talking Giraffes...


I woke up yesterday to minor cramping and found a small brown spot in my underwear. I don't know if this is something I should be concerned about? I'm getting really nervous and wondering if this is something that is normal? It just seems like a repeat of last time.

I've been told by DH and countless others that cramping in early pregnancy is normal because the uterus is expanding for the baby. And from what I understand, a lot of women spot throughout their pregnancy and it's not a bad sign. This morning I had minor cramping again and only residual brown on the P4 applicator tip. Right now I feel pretty good inside...considering.

Today is my appt with the RE for u/s and b/w. My appt isn't until 10:30am...I'm gonna go crazy until then! Keeping my fingers crossed.......stick, baby, stick!


My worst fear has been realized ~ Ectopic pregnancy. The baby is growing in my right fallopian tube. The RE could see that it is bleeding. hCG levels are going down naturally (today). Tomorrow if they are still going down, I will be closely monitored and won't need meds ~ if not, I get a shot of methotrexate tomorrow am.

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