Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is the Song That Never Ends...

...yes it goes on and on, my friend.

Went for routine b/w to check my hCG levels after the demonic methotrexate last week and much to my chagrin, the beta was well into the 700s. Yes, that is correct. Instead of plummeting like they are supposed to by now, they are steadily rising. My doctor says this happens very rarely. Of course, it would happen to me. I usually pride myself on being different from the rest of the masses. Today, I actually prayed that I'd be one of them.

I was prescribed a 2nd dose of methotrexate and was given the injection(s) at precisely 3:00. Now I'm feeling all kinds of ghastly (not gassy!) pressure in my abdomen and just waiting for the nausea to begin. Thankfully, RE prescribed Zofran to help ease its pain and suffering. If only he could prescribe something to erase this horrible memory too.


  1. I am so sorry to hear your numbers are rising and you had to get another shot. I have no experience with methotrexate...I had a D&C the first time and the 2nd time my beta went down and I was only 5 weeks. Hang in there hun! Unfortunately nothing is going to take away the experience...but in the future you will hurt less.

  2. Oh man,

    I am so sorry that you are not able to end this yet. (and I hear you about liking being not normal until this kind of crap happens...)